Updating Ye Olde Goat Cart

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We have been making goat milk soap, goat milk lotion, and running Ye Olde Goat Cart for three years now!

There have been many adventures in our small business, and we have learned a lot about goats, making cosmetics, building sheds, and running a small business.

Over the last three years, we have absolutely fallen in love with our business and recently took the time to reanalyze where we have been and where we hope to go.

Future Business Plans

ye olde goat cart goat kid juniper
Juniper was born on May 2, 2017- the first Ye Olde Goat Cart kid!

Ye Olde Goat Cart is here to stay, that is for sure. We are fully committed to this business with our goats and the countless hours of work we have put into our business.

This, of course, doesn’t even begin to count the amazing help we have had from family and friends with our shed construction. A special thanks goes out to Mom and Dad for their expertise and generous time!

With the workshop nearing completion and the recent birth of our first very own baby goat, the future of Ye Olde Goat Cart is looking bright.

We are hoping to ramp up production once the workshop is complete, are excited to start using our very own goat milk, and are doing some research on additional product offerings.

This is a time of transition for Ye Olde Goat Cart from start-up hobby to an established, sustainable business.

Updating Ye Olde Goat Cart

Over the past few months, we have taken the time to dive into our numbers to ensure Ye Olde Goat Cart is sustainable and around for years to come.

The recipes we use for our products include top-notch ingredients that are just wonderful for the skin. However, they are also expensive.

Once we ran the calculations, we quickly realized our business was not going to be sustainable. We could either cheapen our recipe or increase prices.

We have fallen in love with our soap and many others have, too. Cheapening the recipe was not an option. We simply could not reduce the quality of our product in order to make a sustainable profit.

So, instead, we have increased prices to be more in line with the high-quality ingredients we use. The Sweet Almond oil, in particular, is a super skin-loving ingredient that many other soapers leave out because of the cost.

For Ye Olde Goat Cart, though, we only want the best.

Goat Milk Soap and Goat Milk Lotion now each cost $9 per bar. Free Shipping is now for orders of at least $40. We feel this is still a great value for the superior quality we offer, yet also helps us cover our basis so we can keep doing what we do. Our plan is to keep these prices for many, many years to come.

Along with the pricing update, Ye Olde Goat Cart boasts a snazzy new homepage that should make it easy and enjoyable to find exactly what you are looking for.


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