Maria Montreuil

Maria Montreuil is a stay-at-home mother of three young boys. In addition to caring for her sons, Maria is a multi-talented artist. She also runs an arts and crafts business called The Frenzied Fox, where she uses a variety of mediums to create. She specializes in drawing animals in realistic, stylized and cartoon themes. Maria created the logo for Ye Olde Goat Cart in addition to some other local businesses. Maria’s artwork has been featured on greeting cards, t-shirts, and book covers. In addition to drawing and painting, Maria works with fabric in the Primitive and Americana style.

Maria also loves dogs and currently owns a Golden Retriever, Strider, and a Siberian Husky, Kilian. Maria has trained Strider to be a certified therapy dog and takes him to a local nursing home for therapy work. She also loves her two cats and rabbit.