Ye Olde Goat Cart would love to be your event's local goat's milk soap vendor!
Ye Olde Goat Cart would love to be your event’s local goat’s milk soap vendor!

We are always looking for new shows to attend as a local goat’s milk soap vendor. While our product always varies slightly from show to show, we offer a wide variety of goat’s milk soaps to choose from. We also frequently have lotions, lip balms, beard oils and room sprays for purchase.

We take pride in our booth display and are often complimented on how nice it looks. Occasionally, weather and location permitting, we bring our 150 year old antique goat cart along to incorporate into our display! If you would like to see us at your local craft show or event, please let us know!

Ye Olde Goat Cart will be at the following upcoming events. Zoom in on the provided maps to see the exact show location. Stop by to say hello or take advantage of special deals and discounts only available at events where we are a soap vendor! Check back frequently, as we are often adding new events. Hope to see you soon!

March 3, 2018: Groton Cabin Fever
Groton, NY

Saturday, March 3, 2018, Noon-4 PM

Groton High School
400 Peru Road
Groton, NY 13073