Cucumber Melon


• Sweet, fun cucumbler melon scent
• Fun green and pink swirls
• Pair with our cucumber melon goat milk lotion
• Made with farm fresh goat milk
• Great for teens

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Based off of our extremely popular Cucumber Melon Goat Milk Lotion!

A swirl of pink and green make for a fun color combination that pairs well with this sweet, irresitable scent.

All of our soaps are carefully crafted with high quality ingredients. We use the maximum amount of Local Farm Fresh Goat’s Milk our recipe allows for, therefore providing this soap with bountiful skin-loving vitamins and nutrients. As a result, your skin will feel soft and smooth after use. Palm and coconut oils makes the bar sturdy and long-lasting, while olive oil produces a soft, gentle cleansing lather. Shea butter gives this bar an extra moisturizing boost, therefore making it perfect for dry, sensitive skin.

Each bar is wrapped with decorative scrapbook paper (paper may vary) and weighs at least 4.0 ounces.


Fresh Local Goat’s Milk
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
Certified Sustainable Palm Oil
Sweet Almond Oil
Shea Butter

* As always, we only use 100% SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL! All our products are always paraben free! *


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