Lavender Fresh Goat Milk Lotion


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Homemade goat milk lotion, one jar, approximately 4.0 ounces each.

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Moisturize your skin with the soft scent of South African lavender, the same scent as our top-selling lavender soap. Scented using pure essential oils and colored naturally, this thick, non-greasy lotion is perfect for any time of the year.

Ye Olde Goat Cart’s Goat Milk Lotion was first made because the store bought lotions simply didn’t make the cut for the harsh, upstate New York winters we experience. The results were phenomenal, and we think you will never want to go back once trying our goat milk lotion.

Our specially designed formula produces a thick, non-greasy lotion. Even a little dab goes a long way towards moisturizing your skin. The combination of farm fresh, never frozen goat milk, super moisturizing Shea Butter and nutrient rich sweet almond and avocado oils is pure bliss for your skin. This lotion can be used anywhere, from your face and lips, to your hands, feet and elbows.

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