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Lavender Six-Salt Luxury Soak


  • Six-Salt Luxury Bath Soak
  • Lavender Essential oil
  • One-pound resealable pouch
  • Good for approximately 4-6 baths


Bring the spa home and take a moment to unwind with Ye Olde Goat Cart’s unique Six-Salt Luxury Bath Soaks!

This special blend of six salts from around the world and pure Lavender Essential oil makes for a relaxing bath experience.

Pink Himalayan and Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Sea Salt give a pop of color. Dead Sea Salt and French Grey Bath Salts continue the worldly experience. No bath is complete with Epsom Salt, while the Dendritic Salt’s unique properties make it great for holding the scent of the essential oil.

Each 1lb resealable pouch is good for 4-6 baths. Use approximately one cup of salts per bath. Add more or less for personal preference.

A perfect gift for the busy mom or pamper yourself!


Pink Himalayan Salt
Dead Sea Salt
Hiwa Kai Black Hawaiian Sea Salt
French Grey Bath Salt
Dendritic Salt
Epsom Salt
Baking Soda
Lavender Essential Oil


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