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Ye Olde Goat Cart boasts the top security available with its GeoTrust Business EV certificate.

When you shop online, you want to know you are safe. That is why Ye Olde Goat Cart has undergone the vigorous process of purchasing an Extended Validation Security Certificate.

A Bit About Site Security

When you shop online, you want to know that your information is safe. Many online shoppers look for an indication of a site’s security before making a purchase.

Site security is so important, even Google considers in when deciding what pages to show in a search.

There are a variety of different options for online shop security. One of the highest levels of authentication is an Extended Validation Security Certificate.

EV Certificates are not cheap or easy to get, but they provide the best protection available for consumers.

That is why we went through the process and invested in an EV Certificate.

In order to be approved for our security certification, our business details had to be verified and our personal identity notarized. Even our local notary public was surprised at how thorough the process was, with three forms of personal identification required!

Go Ahead! Shop Online Safely!

ye olde goat cart shop online safely ssl ev certificate
Look for the green lock whenever you shop online. Ye Olde Goat Cart has it! Let us know right away if you don’t see it.

Take a look at the URL bar above. See the green lock and the words ‘Ye Olde Goat Cart’? That is a sign that Ye Olde Goat Cart has the utmost security in place.

So, go ahead and shop our website worry free! Your information is safe and protected as you shop online safely.

As is our policy, we will also never sell or give away any of your information. This includes your email address. We hate spam just as much as you do!

Want to learn more about security certificates and our security vendor, GeoTrust? Here is a look at their EV SLL Certificate page.

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