Have you ever looked at the ingredient labels of the soaps, lotions and other such products you have in your house? You will find them full of unpronounceable ingredients. Many of these additives have questionable side effects. Wouldn’t you rather know what you are putting on the largest organ of your body- your skin?

Not only do we use high quality, natural ingredients that you can pronounce, we want you to know exactly why we put certain things into our soap. Here are many of our most commonly used ingredients, and the benefits they give you.

Fresh Goat’s Milk
We use fresh, local goat’s milk in some of our soaps and all of our lotions as a moisturizer and skin softener. Many with dry, sensitive skin or skin problems like eczema find goat’s milk products very good for their skin. Our goat’s milk is currently provided by local farmers in the Groton, NY area, but we plan to be using milk from our own goats by Spring 2016. 100% natural.

Shea Butter
We love to use Shea Butter for its moisturizing, skin loving properties. We made a special point of adding it into our soap, lip balm and lotion recipes! 100% natural.

Olive Oil
We use this mostly in our soaps to create a harder bar that moisturizes and smooths your skin. Rich in fatty acids and vitamins, we use more of this oil than any other single oil in our soap recipe. 100% natural.

Coconut Oil
We use coconut oil in our soaps and lip balms we make because of its great skin care properties. It also has antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial and antioxident properties. 100% natural.

Palm Oil
Palm oil is another one of our soap ingredients that we love to use. It creates a hard, solid bar of soap that will last a long time. We only purchase certified sustainable palm oil. 100% natural.

Sweet Almond Oil
Sweet Almond Oil makes it into most of our ingredients because its high, healthy fatty acid & vitamin content is great for the skin. It also has some benefits in protecting against harmful UV rays from the sun.100% natural.

Avocado Oil
We use avocado oil in our lotions and beard oils. Like sweet almond oil, it is packed with good fatty acids and vitamins to give you healthier skin. 100% natural.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba oil is found as a primary ingredient in our beard oils. Packed with Vitamin E, this oil is great for skin and hail alike. It is very similar to the natural oils of the skin, making it absorb quickly for a non-greasy feeling. 100% natural.

Argan Oil
Another Beard Oil star, Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. It is a moisturizing agent, kills bacteria, has antioxidant properties and helps beards and hair have a healthy shine. 100% natural.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil is also found in our Beard Oil. With high levels of Vitamin A and Oleic and Linoleic Acids, this oils is great for irritated skin, moisturizes and absorbs quickly into the skin. 100% natural.

We us natural, uncolored, refined beeswax in our lip balms. We use refined beeswax so no impurities make it into our products, but are also looking for a local supplier. 100% natural.

Oxides & Ultramarines
We use natural oxides and ultramarines to give our soaps a nice, rich color. These are created in a lab, but considered natural because they are exactly as they are found in nature, just without harmful contaminants and impurities that would be found if taken straight from the ground. We do not use any colorants that have synthetic dyes, such as red lake 40. 100% natural.

Essential Oils
We use a variety of therapeutic grade essential oils to scent our products naturally. Our essential oils are purchased through Bulk Apothecary, the leading Essential Oil Warehouse in the United States. These essential oils are pure- not diluted down with carrier oils. Bulk Apothecary will provide Certificates of Authenticity for their Essential Oils. 100% natural.

Fragrance Oils
If we cannot find the scent we want in an essential oil (some scents, such as fruity scents, just aren’t possible to get as an essential oil), we will turn to fragrance oils. This is the only thing we use that is not 100% natural, but we still aim for high quality fragrance oils to produce great smelling products! Many of these fragrance oils contain blends of essential oils.