Fall Family Day at Waktins Glen

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It is so easy to get into an overwhelmed mindset where the to-do-list is never-ending. This can be a real problem when it comes to juggling other, even more important things.

Like family.

Over the last couple of months, we have been making a real attempt at being deliberate about family time. It is always said time with our kids is so short. With our oldest set to turn six in December and our youngest now over a year… well, that realization has been hitting home around here.

Friday, the boys had the day off from school for a staff development day. The weather kindly cooperated with sunshine and temperatures near 60 degrees amid a cold, rainy (and snowy) pattern.

So, after taking care of some chores and business in the morning, we loaded the boys into the van for an afternoon at Watkins Glen.

How blessed we are to have such beauty so close by!

A Hike Through Watkins Glen

Here in the Finger Lakes, we are blessed with an amazing assortment of waterfalls and gorges, in addition to our splendid lakes, quaint villages, and acres upon acres of farmland. Watkins Glen State Park is the most popular state park in the Finger Lakes region, which is saying a lot! We usually end up visiting the Glen at least once a year.

The Village of Watkins Glen is situated at the south end of Seneca Lake and, other than waterfalls, is famous for racing. The Watkins Glen International Speedway hosts a variety of professional races, including one of the most exciting road courses on the NASCAR circuit.

watkins glen selfie ye olde goat cart
Family selfie along the trail!

Even on this mid-October weekday, the parking lots for the park were packed and tourists lined the narrow gorge trail. The gorge trail winds besides, over, and behind 19 different waterfalls among cliffs rising to two-hundred feet. The one and a half-mile hike along the gorge trail ends with a steep climb up stairs to the top of the gorge.

With three young boys in tow, a couple of humored tourists wished us good luck as we traversed the difficult trail. They had no problems though- they are used to this type of trek!

The sun poked in and out of a deck of clouds that rolled in, which only enhanced the natural beauty of the gorge. It was hard not to get distracted by taking pictures every five steps. Instead, we took a few select pictures, and just tried to enjoy the hike together.

It was a perfect family afternoon and a blessed opportunity.

Take a Break

No matter where you are in life, make sure you take time- an afternoon, a weekend, or even a few minutes for a phone call- and connect with those dearest to you.

It doesn’t matter how long your to-do list grows, this is time well spent.

watkins glen rail bridge ye olde goat cart
The old railroad bridge at the end of the gorge trail. For our boys’, this is a favorite part of the park.
watkins glen in fall ye olde goat cart
Even with a rather dull year for fall colors, the Finger Lakes region is stunningly beautiful.

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    I love this! This is really beautiful: beautiful family, beautiful family-time together, beautiful place to spend some time together.

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