Fall 2018 Updates from Ye Olde Goat Cart

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From left to right, Rosemary, Lavender, and Lady — three of the four Ye Olde Goat Cart does!

Fall 2018 Updates

Life at the Ye Olde Goat Cart mini-farm and homestead is busy! Two years ago, we got two goats, Rosemary and Lavender. Now, we have six goats!

Lady, and our two bucks Moe and Jose, joined our herd last year. Our kidding season introduced six babies, one of which we are keeping. Magnolia, sister to Chip and Joanna (yes, named after Fixer Upper) will be our fourth doe. Magnolia is the offspring of Moe and Rosemary.

Our business continues to evolve and grow even as our passion for homesteading does.

This summer, we have been a weekly participant at the Skaneateles Farm Market, which will continue into November. We have added a couple of new shows to our fall/holiday line up, highlighted by the Ithaca Wizarding Weekend in late October. We have been having fun with our creativity, making some super neat products for that show.

Business Updates

As we continue to develop our business, we keep learning more and more about providing a great service to our customers. On that note, there are a few changes already implemented and coming up soon to our website.

First, our pricing for soap and lotion has been adjusted to $7.50 a bar or jar. We are pleased to be able to offer this lower price based on our projections with material costs, overhead, and labor costs. Making soap in our workshop rather than our house has been a huge blessing and makes it easier for us to buy raw materials in larger, cheaper quantities.

Secondly is shipping. Everyone hates shipping costs, us included. We have all been surprised (unpleasantly) by the amount tacked onto an online order at the last minute, or confused and stressed about reaching a free-shipping threshold.

We are doing away with the confusion with a very simple, low cost, easy to understand shipping policy. Every order we ship will cost the buyer $3. This covers some of our cost but does not pass the full, confusing amount onto you. You will know exactly what to expect every time. Simple is best!

We also have some new products to get listed online, including our lip balm and six-salt luxury bath soaks.

Lastly, I mentioned our passion for homesteading and microfarming. Getting goats on our three-quarter acre property has unleashed a new passion within us. Now, we have chickens and are looking into a rare heritage breed of pigs for next year. We had our first harvest of peaches this year and are hopeful to start gardening next year.

Our desire is to share more of our journey in microfarming with you. So, we will be adjusting the look and layout of our website in the coming months to optimize for sharing our adventures with you.

Thank you for checking in with us, and we hope you have a spectacular and gorgeous autumn season!

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